LGBTQ Sensitivity Training Now Offered by Fiesta Youth!

As society as a whole becomes more tolerant of different lifestyles, the workplace is starting to become more tolerant, as well. Gay marriage is now allowed throughout the USA. You may work with a man or woman who is openly and happily married to someone of the same gender. They may even have children.

As recent as just 20 years ago, a gay, lesbian, or transgender person would have stayed "in the closet" for fear of risking their professional career; that's not the way it is today. As likely as it is that you work with someone who's married to a person of the same gender, it's also likely that you work with a transgender – or people whose gender identity is not the same as their birth gender. Your organization may even allow for a transgender to use the bathrooms of the gender they identify with – and not their birth gender. Your organization's insurance plan may even cover treatment for gender identity disorder.

It's just as important for you to be respectful and sensitive with members of the LGBTQ community as it is with any other group in the workplace. This means confronting your own beliefs, feelings, and values about gays and lesbians, recognizing stereotypes, and learning to effectively work with, and communicate with, those whose lifestyle is not like yours – and may be one you don't agree with.

Fiesta Youth is proud to provide a one hour facilitator lead course for free to any business, school, or organization that believes it would benefit from a session that can help its workforce become more accepting of the LGBTQ population and try to understand how we all can work together for the common good and goal of an organization, business, or school. If interested please contact us below.


Provide: Contact name, email address, business, organization, or school name, contact phone number, and number of people that would be attending the session. Please provide at least 1 month lead time in order for us to schedule the session in advance.

LGBTQ Sensitivity Training

LGBTQ Sensitivity Training