6 Year Anniversary and Family Night Program with David's Legacy Foundation


On Tuesday, September 10, Fiesta Youth is hosting a presentation by David’s Legacy Foundation focused on bullying prevention. David’s Legacy was created by a San Antonio family after their son and brother, David Bartlett Molak (age 16), took his own life in 2016 after pervasive bullying from his peers. The foundation supports community initiatives focused on “educating communities on the harmful effects of cyber abuse, empowering young people to practice digital empathy and self-care, celebrating student driven anti-bullying and kindness initiatives, protecting children and teens from all forms of bullying”. Fiesta Youth will host the presentation, which will feature speakers from the Molak family.

The presentation will contain an overview of cyberbullying, related policies, and ways to protect youth from cyberbullying. The presentation will be held at WoodLawn Point: A Center of Community – 702 Donaldson Ave., San Antonio, Texas 78201 at 6:30PM. This presentation is appropriate for parents and teens to attend. Refreshments will be served along with a celebration in honor of our 6 year anniversary.