LGBTQ+ Awareness Training

Our condensed hour and a half training is customized to help educate organizations and businesses who are seeking to create a more inclusive environment.

The training is facilitated by our Youth Director, Erica Alcocer, who constructed the course to include confronting implicit bias, stereotypes, and preconceived ideas of the LGBTQ+ community. This dialogue allows for a brave space where all those participating can contribute their prior knowledge of queer identity and address questions or concerns for possible environment specific scenarios. Throughout the training we will cover core vocabulary, current up to date terminology, language inclusion, the process of coming out, how not to out people, and go over what it means to be an ally in and outside the workplace.

While the training emphasizes situations with queer youth and teens in an effort to create a more comfortable and inclusive LGBTQ+ environment that represents all communities and offers a greater understanding of our youth, it also applies to the entire LGBTQ+ community. When we can share knowledge we can break barriers and continue to build safer communities.

Fiesta Youth is proud to provide a facilitator lead course for free to any business, school, or organization that believes in inclusion and create awarness of how we all can work together in solidarity.

If interested please contact us below.


Provide: Contact name, email address, business, organization, or school name, contact phone number, and number of people that would be attending the session. Please provide at least 1 month lead time in order for us to schedule the session in advance.


Thank you to the following Schools and Businesses for attending the training!

UTSA Math & Science Advisors

South San Antonio Independent School District

Alamo Heights Independent School District

San Antonio Public Library System

YMCA of Greater San Antonio

Patrick Heath Public Library

Christian Hope Resource Center


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